Deb Whistler is currently an Associate professor of 2-D art and chair of the Art/Art History Department at Hanover College in Hanover IN. She received her BFA from Miami University in 1981 and her MFA with a concentration in printmaking from the University of Cincinnati in 1996.

Deb was born in Middletown OH and was raised in a small farming community outside of Oxford OH. Growing up, Deb was fascinated with the fossils she found along the creek bed near her home. She wrote stories as a child of the past lives of these strange animals that lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. When she was young she created art out of materials found in nature. Clay sculptures and imprint drawings from the creek, leaves and sticks, dirt drawings, and shadow drawings, all of which were temporary. These early childhood interests in the fragility of life are the catalyst for her conceptual work as an adult.