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Artist Statement

My work deals with the fraying of divisions between the interior and the exterior in the current context of globalization. In the current state of world affairs it is difficult to the point of being impossible to separate oneself from the chaos of the world. This however does not stop us from continually seeking to separate and escape from the everyday problems that surround us. This desire to escape and to remain in our “feel good” society has caused us to ignore our effects on the world and has ultimately made us vulnerable to manipulation.  My work challenges the false sense of security we have surrounded ourselves with, and I strive through my work to encourage a dissolving of the boundaries between surface and truth. I enjoy that my work wrestles with the notion of existence, questions our purpose in life and the mark we leave behind. I have always been interested in the process of self-evaluation, and self-reflection. To me this process requires a certain objectivity, or out of body experience. It is important that we reflect on our actions and the effects of these actions as part of who we are.