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Artist Statement


My work explores notions of existence and self- reflection as I try to make sense out of place and the world I live in. I have always been interested in what lies behind the façade: the mask that hides the truth, the potential of something to become or pretend to be something that it is not. Regardless of the subject or medium that I use, I consider my works to be connected through drawing. It is the unified mark and line that I use to try and achieve a delicate visual balance and calm in the midst of chaos. I combine images taken from a variety of belief systems to create sculptural drawings.  My subject matter combines demons that are found in last judgment paintings, Chinese scrolls, and Greek mythology. I use a unified line and pattern to weave a lace like collage of images and color printed patterns to mask and often mock the action in the compositions. I strive to create an aesthetic that is almost meditative and encourages search and discovery of delicate details of the work in order to emphasize the importance of looking beyond the façade in search of the truth.